Es gibt nur einen Ausweg …

It is not for nothing that the legendary Wenzel/Mensching announced in “Letztes aus der DaDaR” that there was only one way out of professional, narrow-minded, purchasable art: “It is – THE LAIENTHEATER! Thus, in the late eighties, the small art collective DIE ZEUGEN MITROPA came together in the beautiful Hoywoy area around Gundi and the Feuerstein. To delight the world with action art, performances and bizarre pseudo-theater. After we had played everything we could find from Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński (“Die Grüne Gans”), I had no choice but to write stage lyrics myself – in good old Feuerstein tradition for children.

During the fall of the Wall a few of the plays, staged by Lutz Hillmann and others with actors from the German-Sorbian Volkstheater Bautzen, made it to the stage of today’s Lausitzhalle. The early works are lost, first traditions are of the “Gummibärenbande” and the “Land der tausend Wünsche” – like further pieces staged by the unforgotten and strict Siegfried Uhlenbrock (“Liederspielplatz”). Since then there has been an annual fairy tale, to which I now contribute the songs with my old partner Torsten Hauser. After cutting all subsidies for children’s theatre with the simplest means. Just lay theatre.
Because: There is only one way out … (Es gibt nur einen Ausweg …)

Composition, Arrangement, Recording: Torsten Hauser
a production of Lausitzhalle Hoyerswerda GmbH